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The art of Woodturning in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Lydie Billon,

Lydie Noir et Blanc 2020 01.jpg

J’habite au Martrat, Marcilly-lès-Buxy, au cœur de la Bourgogne, en Saône-et-Loire.

Depuis toute petite déjà, je voulais faire comme mon père mais avec du bois … il était carreleur. C’est lui qui me donne son premier petit tour à bois, en me disant : "tu es manuelle ça devrait te plaire"


I live in Le Martrat, Marcilly-les-Buxy commune, in the heart of Burgundy,  Saone-et-Loire. 

Starting at an early age, I wanted to be like my father.  He was a tiler, but I wanted to work with wood instead, as we come from a family of carpenters.  It was my father  who gave me my first little wood lathe, telling me that since I “liked to work with my hands, I should like the lathe”.

After my two children left for college, I spent my free time turning pieces of charcoal, taken from the firewood pile.

In 2011, my husband, Jean-Pierre, took me on a surprise trip to Aiguines, capitol of the “studded ball” (ancestor of the ball used in the game of petanque) in the Var, southern France, where there is an international school of woodturning and museum.  There we met very warm people who had the same outlook  and spoke the same language as us.   I left with stars in my eyes and a life that was turned around, opening onto another world: woodturning. 

That was the beginning of this adventure, where passion mixed with work, along with the continued help and support of Jean-Pierre without whom this wouldn’t have been possible, has allowed me to make progress little by little.





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